Creation waits with patient hope

Theological Reflection

Here is a very simple process for Theological Reflection:

1. Identify a significant story: an event, a story, a scripture, a bit of news, an experience that you would like to use for reflection. Be fully attentive to the experience. 

2. Tell the story. What are the details? What happened? How did you feel? What did it mean?

3. Have a dialogue with this story and with a similar story from tradition in the form of scripture, other texts (history, liturgy, poetry, etc.), the experiences of others in your community, and even your own past experiences. What is confirmed by this dialogue? What is challenged? 

4. Renew step two: what does it all mean? What is the discernment? What insights have you gained? What new vision have you gained? 

5. How is this story speaking to you in your life? What have you learned? What have you learned about yourself through this reflection? What will you do now?