Creation waits with patient hope

Mother Katherine C. Keough

So, here I am with a website. Why?  Because I wrote this book called All Creation Waits, The Unfulfilled Promise of Christianity, and I want a way for people to find the book.  You will notice the title Mother before my name.  That title signifies that I am a  Catholic priest.  Don't get excited.  I am not claiming to be a Roman Catholic priest.  I am a priest of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC). 

When I wrote the book, All Creation Waits, I was not yet a priest.  In fact, though I was connected to the ECC and very involved, I was at the same time at a place in my life where I was standing outside all Christian churches, and looking back at them.  I had left the Roman Catholic Church when I started the writing project, and was not fully committed to the ECC.  

The feeling of standing outside the Christian churches gave me freedom to write just what I was thinking at the time.  Previously, when I was working as a Pastoral Associate in various Roman Catholic parishes, I was careful to teach and preach in a way that did not take me outside what the bishops of that Church were saying.  When you represent a tradition it is important to represent the tradition accurately.  That is only fair.  This is also why it took me quite some time before I agreed to the call to priesthood in ECC.  I needed to know that I could represent them, and be true to myself.

In the mid to late 1990's I began to realize the Church I grew up in, and had served as a lay ecclesial minister for years, was becoming an uncomfortable fit. There were jagged edges poking at me, tight places squeezing the Spirit out of me, and bits of gritty things creeping into this religion of my birth. I managed to stay in denial for years, making one excuse after another on behalf of the Church I loved. I was not alone in the endeavor to stay, even while no longer feeling at home in the Church. It's a lot like growing out of a pair of shoes you love, or clothes, or whatever. It's hard to let go of what you know; of what you love.

As I considered my own faith tradition, I began to ponder the whole experience of Christianity down through the ages. My crisis of faith with a particular expression of Church led to a re-examination of Christianity itself. If Jesus the Christ is the Incarnation of God, the Messiah, the Anointed One of God come into the world, why is the world still a mess, and so far from God?  Answer:  We've yet to really wake up and BE CHRISTIANS as Christ means as to be.  

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